Benefits Overview


The Wayne County Sheriffs’ Office enforcement division is accredited through CALEA.
The Jail Medical Office is accredited through NCCHC.
The Jail is accredited through the National Institute for Jail Operations.


Merit Patrolman's starting pay is $36,360.00
Corrections Officers starting pay is $31,928.00


Vacation days are earned during the first six months of employment but cannot be used until after six months of employment when the time becomes vested.

Year of hire: Up to 40 hours
Years 2-4: 80 hours
Years 5-14: 120 hours
Years 15-up: 160 hours  


All full time employees are provided sick days at a rate of one day (8 hours) for two months of continuous full time employment.
The maximum amount an employee can accumulate is 90 days or 720 hours.
An employee can cash out 1/3 of accumulated sick time at retirement with 20 years of service. 


The Wayne County Commissioners annually establish and distribute a schedule of recognized holidays.  Holiday hours are given for the employee to take as compensatory time. 


The merit patrol retirement plan is administered by the Wayne County Sheriff's Pension Trust.  Details can be found in Indiana Code 36-8-10-12.
All other full time employee's retirement plan is administered by the Public Employee Retirement Fund (PERF).  Details can be found on the PERF website
There is voluntary participation in Hoosier S.T.A.R.T and a 403b retirement plan.  Details can be found at


The withdrawal of Federal and State taxes from any contributions to this plan are deferred until retirement.


The county provides a $10,000 term life insurance policy.  Additional life insurance amounts can be purchased from pre-tax earnings.
Life insurance can also be purchased through Boston Mutual Life Insurance.


A partially subsidized medical, prescription drug and dental plan is available to the employee with the option to pay premiums from pre-tax earnings
Vision reimbursement of up to $250.00 per year through the medical plan.
AFLAC offers additional plans that can be purchased.


The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office provides all uniforms and necessary equipment for corrections officers, deputies, and patrol officers through a quartermaster system. 


Merit patrol officers are issued a take home vehicle after successful completion of the Field Training Program.  Officers have off duty usage of their patrol vehicle within Wayne County, as outlined in the general orders of the sheriff's office. 


An employee assistance program is available by means of referrals and the coordination of professional counselling for those who are experiencing personal or job-related problems.

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