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Corrections Officer Application

Corrections Officer - full time paid position with retirement, death, and health care benefits. Jail employees start as corrections officers and can be promoted to sworn Jail Deputies as positions become available. Jail staff work a 12 hour (6a-6p or 6p-6a) work schedule on a two week rotation: : 2 on/2 off/3 on/2 off/2 on/3 off.

If you have any questions regarding this application please contact us at (765) 973-9393.

Basic Eligibility requirements:
  • I am a United States Citizen.
  • I am at least 18 years old.
  • I have eye sight correctable to 20/50.
  • I possess a valid Indiana driver's license or will be able to obtain one at time of appointment.
  • I have never been convicted of a felony, or a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.
  • I have no involvement with illegal drugs and can pass a drug screen.
  • I have a high school diploma or GED.
  • I meet Federal and State eligibility requirements to possess firearms. Note: Anyone convicted of any felony, crime of violence, illegal sale of any drug, misdemeanor of domestic violence, etc. are not eligible to possess firearms.
To determine the selectee's employment suitability, the Sheriff's Office will conduct an evaluation of personal suitability. Convictions, dismissals from employment or dishonorable separations from military service do not automatically disqualify you for employment. To determine employment suitability, the circumstances of each individual case will be evaluated in relationship to the requirements of the position for which you have applied.

Any misstatements or omissions of material facts, as part of your application, are cause for forfeiture of all rights to any employment in the service of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.

I have carefully read all the requirements above and checked all the appropriate checkboxes indicating I meet the basic eligibility requirements.

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