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Jail Commissary Information

Inmates do have the opportunity to order commissary (food, hygiene, paper, pencils, etc.) from Turn Key Corrections. Once an inmate selects items for purchase the order is automatically processed by Turn Key Corrections every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. Listed below are the procedures for ordering and receiving commissary:

The inmate must have funds available on their inmate account to be able to purchase standard commissary items. If the inmate is determined to be indigent, they are still allowed to order from the indigent inmate list which is zero cost to them. To be determined indigent an inmate must have less than $1.00 on their inmate account for a period of one week or longer.

Inmates are able to order commissary items using the TKC kiosk in their designated housing unit. An inmate has the ability to edit their order (remove/add) items at will until the order is automatically processed.

Once the order is processed, TKC sends the order to the Wayne County Jail within 72 hrs. Commissary staff then pass commissary to the inmates on Friday or Saturday of each week. Any items determined to be missing or damaged must be reported to commissary staff before returning to the housing unit or leaving the area of the commissary pass. Money will not be refunded by TKC, only replacement of items takes place and will be corrected and sent by TKC the following week.

Family and Friends can access www.inmatecanteen.com and purchase commissary items for the inmates. The process is the same for ordering and will be added to the inmate's order for the week.

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