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The Wayne County Sheriff's Office has incorporated a specialized unit known as the Special Emergency Response Team or SERT. The team is made up of a Commander, an Assistant Commander, and up to 12 additional operators. SERT answers to the Jail Commander, Chief Deputy, and finally the Sheriff. A SERT operator must be confident, self-motivated, have a team mentality, have the utmost professionalism, be in good physical condition, and above all must maintain the highest degree of integrity. The administration, command staff, and their peers hold SERT to the highest of standards and expectations of professionalism and integrity.

To be a member of SERT, a person must be with the Sheriff's Office for a minimum of one year and in good standing. The person then submits and application when an opening becomes available. The applicant then goes on to conduct a physical agility test and an interview consisting of a panel of SERT command staff, office administrators, and active SERT operators. This process is based on a point system and is then compiled with past performance evaluations and length of service to acquire a total score and are then placed on a list of eligibility. This list is then approved by the Sheriff and then re-issued to the SERT command staff for appointment of its new operators.

SERT is responsible for several different tasks as well as any other assigned duties given to them by the Sheriff or his designee. Some examples of the responsibilities are, but not limited to, Security Checks, Shakedowns, Cell Extractions, Riot Control, High Risk Transports, High Value Transports, and Bomb Threats. SERT operators are required to meet a minimum number of hours of training per month as well as their regular department in-service training. SERT receives and is required several hours in advanced training and tactics. SERT operators spend a lot of their scheduled time off from their regular duties for training and are on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. SERT takes great pride in what they do and are always ready and prepared to respond for whatever they are called to do whenever they are called to do it.

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