Wayne County, IN Sheriff's Office

Q: What is the purpose of the registry?

The purpose is to improve public safety by providing the public with accurate information about where registered sex offenders live.

Q: How has the registry improved service to Indiana residents?

It provides the citizens of Indiana with a single state-of-the-art registry, accessible by a full featured web portal.
Users can search for sex offenders using interactive mapping tools, showing a sex offender’s proximity to schools, daycares and residences.
The registry links Indiana to the National Sex Offender Public Registry

Q: Who manages the registry Web site?

The registry, a public portal, is managed by the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association with the support of the Indiana Department of Correction.

Q: Who funded this project?

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute provided funding for the registry.

Q: Who are the partners in the new registry?

The Indiana Sheriffs’ Sex Offender Registry is a cooperative partnership of Governor Mitch Daniels, Indiana Sheriffs’ Association, Attorney General Steve Carter, Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, Indiana State Police and Indiana Department of Correction.

Q: Is there current legislation affecting the registry?

Senate Bill 12 - Department of Correction Administration of sex offender registry formalizes the Governor’s initiative to work more efficiently by moving the State of Indiana from having two separate vehicles to track sex offenders to one. This piece of legislation will transfer oversight of the sex offender registry from the criminal justice institute to the Department of Correction. It eliminates the sex and violent offender directory transferring its functions to the sex offender registry which will be supported by grant funding.

Q: How will data be improved in the registry?

In the second phase of this project, efforts will be made to ensure that all data is up to date and accurate.

Q: How do we access the website?

Sex Offender Registry