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A message from the Sheriff

Welcome to the Wayne County Sheriff's Office web site. As Sheriff, I am committed to ensuring my agency and myself continually strive to be proactive in sharing information in the most efficient and transparent means possible.

As you navigate through our new site, please take time to explore and learn about the many different facets which make up the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. From inmate look up, Facebook, employment opportunities and public safety information, our web site is informative and user friendly.

The enforcement division objective for 2016 was to reduce the number of outstanding criminal warrants which were currently on file within the agency. A warrant committee was formed and an audit was conducted of the current warrant files. This committee has been successful in coordinating with the local courts, Prosecutor's Office and agency staff to bring about needed policy change. These changes have increased communication, policy review and service of warrants both locally and out of state.

The jail staff have been reviewing policies, implementing new policy, and reviewing daily operations to meet over six-hundred professional standards as we work toward receiving professional accreditation status from the National Institute of Jail Operations. This prestigious accreditation status will be a first for the agency and for a current jail in the State of Indiana. It is based on current constitutional law and not just best practices. Similar to the professional accreditation status of the enforcement division, it will ensure our staff meet the highest standards of professionalism that can be met in jail operations. This will ensure protection for the staff and reduce the liability placed upon the taxpayer.

In closing, I hope you will enjoy the new site and will visit often. Please feel free to join our Facebook page to instantly receive update information pertaining to current events and our staff. I invite you to install a shortcut of our mobile website on your smartphone for easier access to all the information we provide.

Jeff Cappa
Sheriff, Wayne County

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