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To best protect those in our facility, the Wayne County Jail is limiting access by visitors as a precautionary measure in response to the COVID-19. On-site inmate visitation is suspended, however remote video visitation will continue as normal. Please visit inmatecanteen.com for remote visitation. We are temporarily reducing costs associated with the remote visitation to allow greater access during this time. Inmate Canteen also provides an easy means to make account deposits and purchase commissary items remotely.

Off-Site Visitor Rules
  • Off-Site Video Visitation must be accessed through the following website: inmatecanteen.com
  • Each Visitor is required to read a disclaimer before visiting with an inmate. The video visits are recorded and are subject to review at any given time by Jail Supervision. At any time, a visit can be ended by Jail Supervision for any reason outlined in this information.
  • Each visitation is to run for 15 minutes. If a visit is accidentally terminated, the visitor can log back into the kiosk to have the remainder of the visit.
  • Any display of weapons, anything characterized as drugs or alcohol or nudity is prohibited and is grounds for immediate visitation termination and visitation privileges revoked for both the visitor and inmate for a time period determined by Jail Supervision.
  • Each off site visit will be charged $.39 cents per minute.

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